Thrive Themes – The Best Framework for Solopreneurs Coaches and Service Professionals

One of the best theme frameworks we have used so far for individual coaches and service professionals (Solopreneurs) is Thrive Themes. Unlike any other theme framework, Thrive Themes focuses on customer or client conversions.

We have used a lot for page builders but nothing shines more than Thrive Themes when it comes to creating landing pages for lead generation. Thrives themes also includes a lot of features which really make it a great choice of individual coaches and service professionals.

Here are some of the features of Thrive Themes that we like

Thrive Themes Leads

Thrive Themes Thrive Leads
Generate Leads using Thrive Leads by Thrive Themes

With Thrive Themes, you can create an opt-in form using the Thrive Leads drag and drop feature. You can also control the behavior of the opt-in form where and how it should be displayed. Thrive Leads allows you to display your opt-in form through lightbox pop-up, sticky ribbon, inline forms, screen overlay, scroll mat, and through a widget.

You can also use Thrive Leads to generate leads by using content-lock which requires the user to subscribe to unlock your content.

One of the best things about Thrive Leads is it also gives advanced metrics and allows you to do an A/B split testing. Having those features can help you maximize how you can generate subscribers with your opt-in form.

Another great thing about Thrive Leads is the seamless integration with your favorite email marketing application such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaing, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, and more. If you are using an unpopular email marketing application, you do not need to worry as Thrive Leads will work with any email marketing application since it also allows you to directly embed the form code.

Thrive Leads is a part of Thrive Suites which include Thrive themes and other Thrive themes plugins.

Thrive Themes Apprentice

Thrive Themes Thrive Leads
Create Online Course with Thrive Apprentice by Thrive Themes

Becoming a part of Thrive Themes allows you to participate in their community-requested feature which allows you to request a feature to be included in Thrive Themes. One of the most demanded features is having the option to sell paid content thus Thrive Apprentice formerly known as Thrive Membership was born.

Here are some of the reasons WHY and that is a big why we recommend Thrive Themes to individual coaches.

Thrive Apprentice Ease of Use

Thrive Apprentice formerly known as Thrive Membership allows you to build your online course with ease. With the drag and drop feature and complete documentation, you can start working on your online course website.

Thive Apprentice Affordability

Building an online course website is a lot of work and costly but with Thrive Apprentice, you can start small and go big later. With Thrive Suite – Thrive Themes membership, you can have most of the tools needed to build an online course website.

Thrive Apprentice Simply Works

Though Thrive Apprentice has limitations like it requires a membership plugin but it simply works. One of our clients uses Thrive Apprentice makes around five digits revenue every week using it.

Thrive Apprentice works so great that we can offer to collaborate with a solopreneur like yourself. If you are instead in our service or to do a collaboration, feel free to contact us.

Thrive Themes Ultimatum

Thrive Themes Thrive Ultimatum
Let Your Customer feel the Fear of Missing Out on your Great offer

Thrive Ultimatum is another feature of Thrive Themes which promotes FOMO or fear of missing out. Human by nature loves discounted products and when we see discounts, we tend to fear that we may miss that out. This psychological effect on humans is called the Scarcity Marketing Effect.

Thrive Themes takes advantage of the Scarcity Marketing Effect with their Thrive Ultimatum plugin. By using Thrive Ultimatum, you can create a limited-time offer for your products or classes. You can especially take advantage of the Scarcity Marketing Effect during the holiday season.

With Thrive Ultimatum, you are also able to create authentic evergreen scarcity which means the limited offer you created can expire or get lockout. This feature is very useful if you are selling digital products and paid content.

Thrive Themes Optimize

Thrive Themes Thrive Optimize
Improve your conversion with Thrive Leads by Thrive Themes

With Thrive Optimize, you can do an A/B split testing for your sales or landing page.

The A/B Split testing is one of the most important parts of running a successful ad campaign for your products or services. Most solopreneurs are not familiar with A/B split testing and tend to skip it but Thrive Themes have included this feature in a way you can use it once you understand the importance of A/B split testing.

This is why we love Thrive Themes for solopreneurs.

Thrive Themes Ovation

Thrive Themes Thrive Ovation
Entice visitors with powerful testimonials using Thrive Ovation by Thrive Themes

We all know that when purchasing a product, we always look at product reviews and testimonials. Reading the testimonials is one factor that affects our decision into purchasing the product or not.

Thrives Themes created Thrive Ovation to showcase these reviews and testimonials. A feature that allows you to automate and display well-design testimonial blocks and feedbacks from your customer to your landing page. With Thrive Ovation, you can further entice your visitor with testimonials into buying your products or services.

Thrive Ovation also autopilots new testimonials that your customers give you. The testimonial or feedback section on your landing page displays the best feedback you receive so you need not worry about keeping your testimonial section up to date.

Thrive Themes Quiz Builder

Thrive Themes Thrive Quiz
Promote Engagement with Thrive Quiz by Thrive Themes

Knowing your customer’s lets you know how to create an effective marketing strategy that would fit their needs or personality. With Thrive Themes Thrive Quiz Builder, you can just do that.

Thrive Themes Quiz Builder allows you to create tests like personality tests that promote engagement to your user. This is one example of how you can have a user promote your page through social engagement.

People love to shares things about themselves, especially if the result they receive is positive like “You are kind and a lovable person”.

Thrive Themes really amazes how they take advantage of the psychological effect on people with their plugins that is why we highly recommend them to solopreneurs such as individual coaches and service providers. It is like Thrive Themes was purposely built to help solopreneurs start up their dream business with minimal startup costs.

Thrive Themes Quiz Builder also allows you to create surveys so you won’t need to host a survey form from a third-party survey builder. Surveys are useful in gathering information on things you need to know. You can also use surveys to generate leads with Thrive Themes Leads integration.

Thrive Themes Comments

Thrive Themes Thrive Comments
Get Leads from commenters with Thrive Comments by Thrive Themes

The WordPress comment system is plain, boring, and unengaging but with Thrive Themes Comments, it can be a powerful tool to create leads and conversion for your business.

With Thrive Themes Comments, the comment system automatically links SEO keywords which is quite useful for blogging. Thrive Themes Comments also include a social login which makes it easier for a user to comment. Another great thing about Thrive Themes Comments is you can turn the commenter into a subscriber.

If you are relying on your website visitors on organic traffic, Thrive Themes Comments is simply a must.

Final Thoughts in Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is one of the best investments you can make if you are planning or starting up your own digital business. Thrives Themes offer an array of tools that solopreneur can use without spending too much.

Building a website is not easy as it seems but with Thrive Themes, even with limited technical skills will be able to build their own websites. If you however need professional help with Thrive Themes, please feel free to contact us.

Thrive Themes pricing is very affordable compare to subscribing to individual platforms that have the same feature. You can use those savings you get to invest in other tools to help your business grow like video hosting, membership plugin, social media management platform, and web hosting.

If you are looking for a web host that would perfectly fit your Thrive Themes website, please check our article The Top 5 Web Hosting that we Recommend and Don’t Recommend to our Clients.

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