GoHighLevel Top Marketing Secret Tools They Don’t Want You To Know

Being a business owner is daunting since you have to take care of many things. Marketing Your Business is one of those things that could trigger your success and failure. But how do you handle the marketing of your business?

Most business owner hires marketer and pays thousands of dollars to run marketing when they can save thousands of dollars by purchasing the tools they need and hiring someone like Bexbox.com to do it.

We at Bexbox Technology strive to be transparent in what we do because we want is for our clients to be successful without breaking the bank.

The top-secret marketing tool that you can DIY or hire us to teach you or do for you.


GoHighlevels allows you to create funnels and automation for SMS, Email, and calls. GoHighLevel also allows you to create a website with its drag-and-drop feature and an appointment system for booking.

Combining GoHighLevel with Facebook Ad Campaign and using Zapier can help you establish a workflow that will create an automatic lead generation for your business without a hassle and cost only a fraction of your marketing budget.

Start-up businesses usually spend around $120,000 – $240,000 annually on their marketing and marketing agencies used 40% of their budget on campaign ads and 60% are paid to them. Some marketing agencies offer a commission-based style of 15%-20% of ad spend like us but are not very common.

By knowing the top-secret tools of marketing agencies, you will be able to have a bigger budget for your ads which can create more leads and/or appointments for your business.

GoHighLevel costs only $97.00 – $297.00 per month but most marketing agencies will charge you thousands of dollars for using this tool. Most business owners don’t know that, that is why it is a top-secret tool of marketing agencies.

If you want to learn more about GoHighLevel, we definitely recommend that you do a free trial of their platform by clicking the button below.

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