Why Get Flywheel Growth Suite is the best hosting plan for Digital Marketer and Web Agency

Getflywheel Web Hosting

If you are looking for web hosting that can help you minimize your work handling multiple websites, the Get Flywheel Growth Suite could be the best web hosting for solopreneurs or agencies. The Get Flywheel Growth Suite’s features make it easier to manage websites that are not usually offered in reseller web hosting accounts.

Get Flywheel Growth Suite Features

Automatic Recurring Billing to your Clients

Being a solopreneur makes it hard to manage clients’ billing while you are working on other tasks. With  Get Flywheel Growth Suite, you no longer have to worry about recurring payments as you can easily bill and receive payments from your customer automatically.

Bill your Customer per Project or One-Time Service

One of the reasons we love the Get Flywheel Growth Suite is the ability to create one-time billing for your customers. We do not have to use a different billing platform for managing and sending bills to our customers. Having an all-in-one billing platform is very convenient.

Support for Multiple Currency

Working with different people and companies in multiple countries means we have to quote a project with an exact amount to their currency. Having Get Flywheel Growth Suite multiple currency support is a huge help as you no longer need to do a conversion calculation. All you have to do is select the currency you want, set the amount for your invoice, and voila!.

Customer Recurring Billing Report

Aside from billing your customers automatically, the Get Flywheel Growth Suite also includes a reporting feature that you can show to your customer. The  Get Flywheel Growth Suite professional generates a detailed recurring billing report that helps increase the confidence and trust of your customer in you.

Revenue Intuitive Insights

The Flywheel Growth Suite has a feature called Revenue Intuitive Insights which gives you an idea of what revenue to expect. Revenue Intuitive Insights help manage your expectation and decision in your finances. By knowing these things, you can manage your goal on how to improve your business.

All-in-one Website Manager

All-in-one Website Manager is one of the best features of Get Flywheel Growth Suite. The first time we encounter the UI or dashboard of Get Flywheel Growth Suite, it was love at first sight. 

The Get Flywheel Growth Suite All-in-one Website Manager is so easy to use that managing multiple websites is a piece of cake. We are comparing  Get Flywheel Growth Suite All-in-one Website Manager to several web hosting we have used in the past that can be overwhelming as your customer base starts growing.

White Label

Having a White Label option is one of the things you may consider in promoting your brand. The  Get Flywheel Growth Suite offers White Label options that let you customize your domain, client portals, and emails without showing any of the Get FlyWheel brand labels.

Performance and Security

Reliability, Security, and Speed are  Get Flywheel Growth Suite’s most valuable features we put into consideration when choosing a web hosting for business use. 

The  Get Flywheel Growth Suite secures your customer’s WordPress website that includes SSL, Data Encryption, and Two-factor authentication for each website.

Get Flywheel Growth Suite User Interface 

You can check out below why the  Get Flywheel Growth Suite user interface is top-notch and why we love it.

Get Flywheel Growth Suite Growth Dashboard

The Growth dashboard user interface shows Monthly recurring reviews, Total Revenue, and Payment Transactions.

Revenue Dashboard

Get Flywheel Growth Suite Client Reports

The Client Report user interface allows you to create a custom report for your customer. You can include web hosting and google analytics making it more professional and information for your client review.

Client Reports screenflow

Get Flywheel Growth Suite Customer Subscription and Billing

The Client Subscription and Billing allows you to create a subscription quickly and easily by simply selecting the customer. You can set the billing frequency whether it is monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can also set your customer’s preferred currency.

Client Subscription and Billing

Get Flywheel Growth Suite Client management

Create and Manage the list of your customer’s information and billing information in a few steps using the Flywheel Growth Suite Client management dashboard.

Client Management

Get Flywheel Growth Suite Client Portal

With Growth Suite Client Portal, customers can create an account and pay their billing with no hassle.

Client portal

Get Flywheel Growth Suite Bulk Site Management

Bulk Site Management dashboard lets you check the number of visits, bandwidth usage, and status of your customer’s website much faster and easier.

Bulk Site Management screenflow

Get Flywheel Growth Suite Service Creation

Are you planning to offer new services for your business? Flywheel Growth Suite Service Creation allows you to create new services quickly and receive payment conveniently.

Service Creation

Final Thoughts on Get Flywheel Growth Suite

The Get Flywheel Growth Suite is best suited for agencies and solopreneurs who want a system that can do all the basic needs in starting a business.

One of the most common problems in start-up solopreneurs and agencies are managing billings for their customer. The  Get Flywheel Growth Suite addresses that issue and offers a complete all-in-one solution to help your business grow.

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